Picture and Video Gallery

Here are videos and pictures of our products in use. We hope you enjoy viewing, and then go out and use them yourself! This equipment was designed to be used for a lifetime, or two. They were also designed and built with maintenance in mind. The finishes can be re blasted or GunKoted, should you require. The O-rings, lanyards, compasses, set screws, and ferro rods can also be replaced. Please send an email to samw@gearconvoy.com if you have any questions.

A video showing carry methods and kit ideas for the P.A.C.K.Lite:

 A video demonstrating the durability of the P.A.C.K.Lite:

 A couple of fire prep videos using the P.A.C.K.Lite:

Prepared Wanderer did a wonderful video demonstrating the BUSH steel here:



Jarrod (ArmyMacE on the forums) takes his BUSH steel for a spin here, and demonstrates a neat technique of shaving small bits of ferro rod into the tinder before striking, to create a longer and more intense burn time. Great job, Jarrod.