Collection: The Custom Shop

The Custom Shop is where you go to customize your TekLine knives. Here you can add options to your knife and make it your own. All Custom Shop knives are marked "Custom Shop" on the back side (non name side) of the blade.

The Custom Kephart options are listed and priced on the product page. More updates are coming very soon.

For the P.A.C.K.Lite, the first step is deciding on an upgraded finish. All of the options available here require upgrading the finish on the knife/blade to either hand sanded satin blade, full OD GunKote, or full Wilson Gray GunKote. The finish upgrade is the same price on all three options, $60.

You can also mix and match GunKote colors with the satin blade, if you like. If you get the satin blade and GunKote guard/handle/buttcap option, the GunKote upgrade (from standard anodized finish) is only $30 instead of $60, since the blade is not getting GunKoted.

Then you are able to get black or OD kydex sheath, with or without hand crafted leather belt loop, and any color cord wrap you want, as long as it's black.


Note: Orders placed through the Custom Shop may have a 5-10 day wait period. All components are in stock, but any custom work may add a little time to order fulfillment, depending on what is on the shelf and ready to ship.

There will also be a "spa service" option soon, where you can send your knife in to be refinished, sharpened, and re-wrapped. You will be able to change GunKote colors at that time, regardless of original finish. Anodized finish can only be refinished with GunKote, not re-anodized.