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Steel Plated Buttcap For S.A.F.E. System I

Steel Plated Buttcap For S.A.F.E. System I

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Steel Plated Buttcap

**Note: This is not an additional buttcap, it just adds the steel plate to the buttcap that comes with your SSI. You may purchase an additional steel plated buttcap w/compass installed, as well.**

This option adds a thin stainless steel plate to the outside flat part of the buttcap, to allow you to hammer or pound things with the knife and not gouge up the aluminum buttcap. This option saves a lot of weight by not using an all steel buttcap, but still gives you a much harder surface to hammer with.

Some of the anodized finish is machined off in the process, so the entire buttcap is finished in OD green Gunkote. Pictured here is a steel plated buttcap in satin finish for reference. Visually the non plated and plated versions are nearly identical.  You can see the thin steel plate at the top of the cap.


Comparison photos are in Kommando finish. OD green is also available.

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