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B.U.S.H. Steel

B.U.S.H. Steel

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NOTE: Effective 6/15/23, we have switched finishes from GunKote to hard anodizing, which is superior to both regular anodizing and to GunKote in terms of durability. There will be no change in price, and better pictures will be along soon. We have added a picture of the hard anodized OD and black matchsafes to show the color, but visually it is nearly identical to the GunKote finishes. These are shipping out as of 06/15/23.


B.U.S.H. Steel: The B.U.S.H. Steel (Bushcraft Utility Survival Hollow-Handle) features a virtually watertight* aluminum handle capsule for storing tinder and other emergency supplies. There is a button compass in the cap, and a lanyard is included. The 5/16" diameter ferro rod throws a shower of sparks for igniting your campfire, grill or whatever else you need to ignite.

Unlike matches or lighters, it is virtually unaffected by water, and is capable of hundreds if not thousands of strikes. The ferro rod is replaceable, and is held in place by a set screw, for which the wrench is included. Satin aluminum is the standard finish, blasted finish is available on request for no charge, and hard anodized finishes are optional for an additional charge. 

The video below demonstrates use of the B.U.S.H. Steel and B-Fat, both as a fire extender, and for corrosion protection of the ferro rod, if you are in a damp/humid environment.


The capsule is 7/8" in outside diameter,  with an OAL of 5.8" and approximately 2.25" of useable storage in the capsule. Aluminum capsule and cap made in the U.S.A.

* What does "virtually watertight" mean? I apply a thin bead of adhesive around the ferro rod before installation, and removable blue threadlocker to the set screw. Once assembled properly and cured, I drop a B.U.S.H. steel into a gallon of water for 30 minutes. When I remove the unit from water, the inside of the capsule is dry. We make no claims beyond this.



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