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Gear Convoy



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NOTE: Effective 6/15/23, we have switched finishes from GunKote to hard anodizing, which is superior to both regular anodizing and to GunKote in terms of durability. There will be no change in price, and better pictures will be along soon. We have added a picture of the hard anodized OD and black matchsafes to show the color, but visually it is nearly identical to the GunKote finishes. These are shipping out as of 06/15/23.


Our matchsafe is a watertight aluminum capsule with a button compass and lanyard. The O-ring ensures a moisture proof seal, and is replaceable. With an outside diameter of 7/8", OAL is 3.85" and there is approximately 3" of usable storage on the inside, so there is plenty of room for matches, emergency money or whatever else will be of value in your particular environment.

Satin aluminum is the standard finish, blasted finish is available on request for no charge, and hard anodized finishes are optional for an additional charge. Aluminum body and cap made in the U.S.A.


A great video from Subtle Serpent Survival on how to build a survival kit around your Wilson matchsafe. Enjoy!

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