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Survival Kit "B"

Survival Kit "B"

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This is Survival Kit "B." This kit is designed to fit into the optional pouch/tin that attaches to the sheath of the P.A.C.K.Lite.

This kit contains 20' of 50 lb test kevlar cord, 3 mini glow sticks, a ferrocerium rod, an individually packaged stainless scalpel blade, and the tin itself. The components are all placed in a heat sealed waterproof foil pouch that fits into the tin with just a little bit of space to spare, so you can add some extra items as you see fit.

This kit packs a lot of punch for it's size, giving you quality items that are of use in an emergency. Combined with kit A, you have a very well rounded emergency kit that is all carried on the knife and sheath.

Note: One kit/tin is included only, other photos of knife/sheath/kit are for demonstrations purposes.


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