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Survival Kit "A"

Survival Kit "A"

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This is Survival Kit "A." It is designed to fit perfectly in the hollow handle of the P.A.C.K.Lite.  It will also fit in the Matchsafe and B.U.S.H. Steel.

It contains 4 Tinder Quik tabs, which are excellent fire starter aids. You can even cut them in half and use a half at a time. It also contains a Streamlight Nano flashlight, which is an excellent light that packs a lot of punch for it's size. Finally, there is a small ferro rod that fits next to the flashlight. This was not included in the video, but is included in the kit.

The kit is in a heat sealed poly bag for organization and shipping purposes, but you can remove the bag and reorganize as you see fit. You can also use the end of the bag to pull and remove the kit from the handle, or even tie a string around it for ease of extrication.

Kit only, pictures are for demonstration purposes. Knife sold separately.


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